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Pressque works with the most prominent graphic designers in the industry.  We know the value of book cover design and treat each book as its own work of art.  From design to back cover copyrighting and editing, our covers have bestseller written all over them.  The front cover is what entices a potential reader to learn more.  The back cover copy is what closes the deal.  Our expert writers have decades of experience putting just the right book cover jacket blurbs on each book.  We treat the cover with just as much care as the interior edit and design.  Here are just a few of the designs our team has created:

Armageddon-Conspiracy-John-Thompson-BookCover downcame downcame draft2_001 witch draft2_001 

Duncan Cover_001books image

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"Ellie Davis is a brilliant writer and editor, with the rare ability of distilling the very best from every sentence, while helping a writer maintain his/her unique voice and sensibility—an art in itself."

- Marjory Wentworth, SC Poet Laureate, author of Shackles, East of Eden, Despite Gravity, and Taking a Stand: The Evolution of Human Rights



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