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Pressque has been fortunate to work with so many talented authors.  Here is a look at just a few:


thumb BookCover-Shackles


Marjorie Wentworth


thumb bridesadvisor

Bride’s Advisor Charleston 

Suzette Latsko & Dianne Shaver


a scattered_life_karen_mcquestion_80x120

A Scattered Life

Karen McQuestion

The-Concise-Visitor-s-Guide-to-Yellowstone-Bolton-Matt-9781453618820 79x120

The Concise Visitor's Guide to Yellowstone

Matt Bolton 


 does god_make_a_difference_warren_nord_83x120 

Does God Make a Difference?: Taking Religion Seriously in Our Schools and Universities

Warren A. Nord

 mercury falls_robert_kroese_120x120 

Mercury Falls

Robert Kroese

meta game_sam_landstom_90x120 


Sam Landstrom


a news_story_george_bulrbaugh_81x120

A News Story: My Years at NBC

George Burlbaugh

the messenger_noah_daniel_93x120

The Messenger

Noah Daniel

Riding the_Asian_Dragon_Isabelle_Boulet_79x120 

Riding the Asian Dragon

Isabelle Boulet


Shift Happens_Nick_Nanton_Mitch_Levin_JW_Dicks_82x120 

Shift Happens

Nick Nanton, Mitch Levin, JW Dicks

IRS Tax_Secrets_J_K_Harris_120x120 

IRS Tax Secrets

J. K. Harris 

Dead Weight_Batt_Humphreys_120x120 

Dead Weight

Batt Humphreys


 Peak Performers_Dan_Kennedy_Bill_Glazer_Lee_Milteer_80x120

Peak Performers

Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Lee Milteer

Military Kids_Speak_Julie_Rahm_79x120 

Military Kids Speak

Julie Rahm

 Dirty Secrets_Dirty_War_David_Cox_80x120 

Dirty Secrets, Dirty War

David Cox, Foreword by Robert J. Cox


The Lonely_Shadow_Clay_Rice_120x120 

The Lonely Shadow

Clay Rice

 Swallow Savannah_Ken_Burger_88x120

Swallow Savannah

Ken Burger

 The Unexpected_Visitor_N.__B._Baroody_89x120 

The Unexpected Visitor

N.B. Baroody


 The Humours_of_Folly_Frank_Braden_and_Ellie_Maas_Davis_120x100


The Humours of Folly

Frank Braden and Ellie Maas Davis 

No Good_Like_It_Is_McKendree_R_Long_III_79x120 

No Good Like It Is

McKendree R. Long III

 Voice of_Sudan_David_Johnson_120x120

Voice of Sudan

David Johnson


The Mind_Body_and_Soul_Diet_Jennifer_Nicole_Lee_81x120

The Mind, Body, and Soul Diet

Jennifer Nicole Lee

Stop Raising_Einstein_Tara_Kennedy-Kline_120x120

Stop Raising Einstein

Tara Kennedy-Kline 

 LEED GA_Exam_Guide_Gang_Chen_93x120

LEED GA Exam Guide

Gang Chen


Planting Design_Illustrated_Gang_Chen_97x120 

Planting Design Illustrated

Gang Chen

 Architectural Practice_Simplified_Gang_Chen_90x120

Architectural Practice Simplified

Gang Chen

 Mentoring Youth_in_Action_Mark_Stiles_78x120 

Mentoring Youth in Action

Mark Stiles


 The 4_Simple_Secrets_to_Avoiding_Lifes_Big_Financial_Messtakes_Tom_McCawley_79x120

The 4 Simple Secrets to Avoiding Life’s Big Financial Messtakes

Tom McCawley

 Road Rules_Andrew_Sherman_120x120


Road Rules

Andrew Sherman

Discovering Your_Dawn_Katherine_Miracle_80x120


Discovering Your Dawn

Katherine Miracle


Indigo Blume_and_the_Garden_City_by_Kwame_Alexander_89x120


Indigo Blume and the Garden City

Kwame Alexander

 A Blending_of_Bittersweet_Memories_Emily_Israel_Hoffman_120x120

A Blending of Bittersweet Memories

Emily Israel Hoffman

Taking-a-Stand-Juan-E-Mendez1 79x120 


Taking a Stand

Juan E. Mendez


 british lib

The British Library


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"Although writing is a labor of love, producing a publishable work of quality can be an arduous task and one not accomplished alone. Sound editorial to a successful endeavor. Pressque has provided me just that. Their suggestions resulted in a much stronger manuscript."

- Vivian Jamieson author, Amazing Grace


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